1. Image of David Flindall

    David Flindall

    David is a web developer whose experience stretches back more than 15 years to the days before the internet was invented. Coming up in agencies in London and Brighton, he's built big complex sites for behemoths such as Boots, Liberty, BBC and ITV and small, elegant digital experiences for the likes of Pished Fish and Camden Council. He's one of those rare finds: a digital savant who speaks fluent human, enabling him to interact directly with other humans, understand their problems and explain solutions with a calm expertise that inspires confidence in colleagues and clients alike.
  2. Image of Ian Fooks

    Ian Fooks

    Ian ('Fooks' to everyone) spent 10 years in London, racing rats and learning the ropes of UX and digital design at all the best agencies, up to and including Brave, Dare, LBi and Lucky Generals. He's produced extravagant digital experiences and campaigns for the likes of Nike, Nissan, Paddy Power and Burberry. Heading west in search of a better work/life balance, he spent two years at Havas helia as Head of Experience before risking everything on Curious Ways in 2017. Despite his youthful appearance, he’s a design professional of some gravitas and several awards, as well as an accomplished poet.
  3. Image of Pete Lewis

    Pete Lewis

    Pete is a designer and art director who combines a sophisticated aesthetic with keen commercial instincts to produce work that is both beautiful and effective. Restlessly creative, he's travelled between big agencies and small, from London to Berlin to New York and back to London. After heading up the design department at Fallon, he started from scratch at Mr Pete Lewis Studio (Berlin) then headed back to London to run the design department at Lucky Generals. A son of Hull, Pete has a direct, no-bullshit personal style that makes him quite easy to spot in a room full of advertising types.
  4. Image of Simon Wellings

    Simon Wellings

    Simon spent over a hundred years exploring media, account management and creative departments in the UK and Australia before co-founding his first agency in Sydney in 1990. He's also walked a few miles in client shoes, launching theatre, TV and tech projects that brought both triumph and disaster. He returned to England in 2007 and freelanced as a copywriter and creative director until we launched Curious Ways in 2017. Simon asks lots of questions and has lots of ideas, which is great when you’re trying to solve a problem but not so much when you’re trying to sleep.

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