The Naming Game Pt II


The also rans

We tried on several names before we found Curious Ways. In a way, they tell as much of a story as the one we finally settled on. These are some of the rejects…

Shingles and Hives

Provenance: Fooks describing his work ethic. “No nine to five. If there’s work to be done, I’ll do it. I’ll stay up for days. I’ll give myself shingles and hives. But if it’s a quiet afternoon, I’m going home early.”

Fun fact: Fooks actually did work so hard on a pitch once that he got hives. Or shingles. Not both, though, because that would probably have killed him.

Reason for rejection: Because it would probably kill you.



Provenance: When trades were controlled by guilds, a journeyman was someone who had completed their apprenticeship but was not yet a master craftsman. But in a world that changes every day, expertise becomes obsolete overnight. So can anyone really claim mastery of their craft any more?

Today, we’re all journeymen in our way. Rather than deny it, let’s celebrate it.

Reason for rejection: Just couldn’t shake the association with journeyman footballer Craig Bellamy.


Rodney Sparkle

Provenance: Friday night cocktails at The Three Swans.

Reason for rejection: Saturday morning hangover.


Love + Food

Provenance: After we took the Tony Test, we went a bit mad with Occam’s Razor, aka the Law of Parsimony, which states that among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected.

In other words: keep it simple.

In our business, we work almost exclusively with two human impulses – need and desire. We had lots of long and interesting chats about the interplay between them. Fooks waxed lyrical about Freud, Nietzsche, Viktor Frankl’s theory of logotherapy and Ruud Gullit’s disappointing performance in the ‘86 World Cup.

But once we’d brandished the razor, we concluded that all human beings really need is food to survive and love to thrive.

Reason for rejection: It sounds too much like a Julia Roberts film. Also the URL was not available.


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    What about Give, Take, Repeat The 2 Swans Freud’s Underbelly Way Curiouser THEAGENCY alright I’ll get my coat..