Made in 2017


Made in 2017

Remember 2015? What an innocent time that was. Life was more predictable; the pace of change so much more leisurely. We could rely on the old institutions and certainties to carry us through from one day to the next. Halcyon days. Seems a long time ago now.

Then… Boom! 2016! The great disruption: Brexit! Bowie! Trump! By Christmas we were all a little punch drunk – and not just from the festive eggnog.

Now here we are in 2017, quickly becoming habituated to living in crazy times. In 2017, change is the default mode. With everything changing every day, experts are becoming obsolete overnight. Even if they weren’t, we’re all sick of them anyway.

Chaos… madness… mayhem… what better time to start a new agency!

Change, of course, is the harbinger of opportunity. For us, it’s the opportunity to take all the things that irked us about agency life and get rid of them. Try something different.

Being Made in 2017 means being small and agile, embracing change, building networks instead of empires, watching and learning, taking risks.

Rather than recruiting teams to offer the usual stack of services, we’re building a gateway to the creative industries – not just advertising, but theatre, music, art, comedy, film, journalism… the whole circus. These will be the creative teams in our strange new world, with us providing the strategic and operational experience to bring them together to achieve our clients’ goals.

We’re not suggesting the big agency model is finished – clearly it’s not. WPP turned over more than £14 billion last year. And we’re not the first or only agency to be experimenting with new ways of working. People have been trying it for years, without it really catching on. But the world is changing, speeding up and fragmenting. Small, agile, disruptive businesses are making waves in every industry. There’s no reason ours should be immune. As ad industry veteran Alfred, Lord Tennyson pithily put it, “The old order changeth, yielding place to new”.

He would’ve made a great copywriter.


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