There’s a reason why businesses don’t get their web developers to design their brand – or their branding agency to build their website. The two disciplines are like chalk and toothache – not even in the same categorical ballpark... right?

Well, no.

Today, most brand experiences are digital. Your web devs are already designing your brand because increasingly, the website is the brand. And a brand agency that doesn’t know how to build a website is like a painter who can’t stretch a canvas – you’ll never know how good they are because you’ll never see their work.

Good design is just as much about how well things work as how good they look. Designers have to embrace and understand digital in exactly the same way they do paper or wood or any other material they work in. Similarly, devs have to be emotionally intelligent because the digital experiences they’re creating are becoming more and more a part of people’s lives.

This, in a nutshell, is the Curious Ways way. Our designers are artists who understand computers and our devs are tech nerds who understand art. We also have a poet who knows a bit about anthropology and a retired postman who plays harmonica.

We do not have an agency dog.