1. They’re not

2. They’re really not

3. Trust me, we’ve worked with lots of tech brands. We’ve also worked with finance brands, consumer brands, professional services brands, charity brands… all the brands. And I’m here to tell you that tech branding is fundamentally no different from branding in any other vertical.

4. That said, every individual tech brand is different from every other brand – including every other tech brand. That’s because every business is unique and the brand is the essential expression of the business, much like every individual is unique and the personality is the expression of the individual. Sure, there are things tech brands have in common with each other that other sectors may not share – that’s uncontroversial.

5. But if you start out with the assumption that your brand lives by different rules because you’re in tech, then you’re making an active decision to follow a particular herd, handing over the lion’s share of your brand strategy to your competitors.

This is a core principle of ours. If you don’t like it, we have others.